Dental Hygienist:
    "I love this product! It allows you to kill the germs on your babys pacifier anywhere you may be, in the car, traveling away from home, in a plane, shopping or just visiting a friend. It is very easy to use and I love the color and design. I wish this was available when my oldest was a baby but I am glad I have one now for my 2nd son. Iam a dental hygienist and I want everything sanitary for my baby!!"

    "You will still need to clean pacifiers under hot water from time to time, but it is very usefull to have the sterilizer right next to the crib."

    "This is a must have if you have children who are using pacifiers!! Absolutely love it!!!"

    "Perfect size to pack in the diaper bag when out-and-about. Sterilizes in 6 minutes!"

    "Im very excited about this product and have purchased a few for my mom friends...It's lightweight, durable and practicle!! When my twins were young I had to boil to sterilize and it ruined the integrity of the nipple and bottle rings. I wish I had this then! It so easy to carry around....I absolutely LOVE IT!!!"

    "I bought ths for our trip to the Dominican as the water isn't drinkable and I didn't want mylttle guy getting sick from any bacteria left behind after washing his bottles. It took my a few minutes to figure out which adapters to use. The dial only turns a quarter turn (which would have been nice to know)and you need to turn it twice before it starts. You only need to push the dail down slightly to get it to turn. As with any sterilizer you don't know for sure if it works for sure, but he didn't get sick so I'm assuming it did. It's light and small and perfect for travel."

    "Good product for the price! easy to carry and use. I used with rechargeable battery AAA. The only problem is that you can put one bottle at a time, but only takes 7 min to sterilize!"

    "We used this on our trip back east for Thanksgiving and it was great! My only issue was getting the batteries in - it was a little complicated at first. Well worth it though, considering my son drops his pacifier every chance he gets."

    "We love the portability and ease of use. Fits classic AVENT bottles (a bit tricky to use with AVENT Naturals and Tempo).
    Of course we couldn't tell if the bottles are really sanitized, but so far we don't get any problems... "

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