HyGenie NS-101 Portable UV Sanitizer

Did You Know?


"The number of bacteria on dirty bottle teats and pacifiers is far greater than on toys and general household goods."


About The Hygenie


* Eliminates up to 99% of harmful germs on bottles, nipples, and pacifiers

* Safe to use, clinically tested, environment-friendly UV technology

* Easy to use and quick to sanitize- in about 7 minutes

* Ideal sanitization for parents and babies on the go

* Sanitize most common types of bottles, nipples, and pacifiers

Why Should I Use HyGenie?

An infant's immune system is acquired from its mother. 100% at birth quickly deteriorates to 35% in the first three months, this is followed by a slow and gradual increase up to ~55% at 18 months.
These early stages of a baby's life, is when they are most susceptible to infection and illness.
It is at these times when your precious little ones need the most protection.
Germs commonly found on pacifiers and bottle teats and unwillingly transferred to your baby can cause illness and adverse effects.
Nobody likes to see their baby sick! Sterilising your baby’s pacifier and teats is one key way you can add to caring for and protecting your baby.
HyGenie is tested to kill common types of bacteria such as E. Coli, Shigella, Legionella and Fungus.

How Does it Work?

The word's first patented UV/Ozone (O3) lamp has dual mechanism technology.
Ultraviolet emitted rays and activated ozone combine to kill germs and bacteria.
The UV rays penetrate and attack their DNA, resulting in their termination. Ozone, one of the most powerful disinfectants in the world, kills the germs by rupturing the cell wall and attacking the nucleus.

Product dimension:

74mm x 82 mm
( 7.4cm x 8.2cm )

HyGenie FAQs

1. Is the ozone and UV in the safe range, what are its levels of concentration and is the product safe to use?
HyGenie UV-C lamp was designed for generating reasonable amount for sanitizing within the HyGenie main-body only. The UV-C strength is 45 micro watt, so our UV-C ray can only travel up to 27cm from the source. The product was designed for safe usage hence it will not be harmful.

2. How is Ozone generated from HyGenie?
When HyGenie UV-C ray meets with oxygen (Air), it generates Ozone gas naturally, and if Ozone density reaches 0.01ppm in the air, this Ozone can kill all kinds of harmful germs and bacteria, and it also can erase bad smell from the baby bottles. UV-C rays travel in a straight line (property of light), so with Ozone, HyGenie can sanitize the inside and back of the bottles, pacifiers and teats thoroughly.

3. If ozone ruptures the cell walls of bacteria and UV terminates the DNA, how will I know if it's not harmful to us?
Please do not worry the natural environment has UV-C light from the sun and Ozone gas in the air. Humans have reasonable tolerance to UV-C and Ozone as these 2 are part of nature. But if you want to be extra safe, just keep a distance of over 27 cm from our UV-C lamp.

4. How will I know if the ozone & UV-C rays are being released when I turned on the HyGenie as there are no signs of ozone and we can only see the blue light with our eyes?
UV-C ray & Ozone gas is not visible to human eyes, so we add the fluorescent material inside of lamp tube, so that when you turn the lamp on it will turn to blue. When Ozone is generated, it creates a pungent smell within the body of the HyGenie (after 30 second on turning on). But please do not smell the Ozone gas inside of HyGenie main-body.

5. What is the lifespan of ozone? If there's a lifespan for ozone, does it mean that the product has an expiry date?
The HyGenie UV-C lamp's expected lifespan is 20,000hrs, so Ozone can be generated during this 20,000hrs by our UV-C lamp's ray. It takes 30sec for Ozone to be generated after the UV-C light is turned on.

6. Are spare parts available if any part of the product gets damaged and need to be replaced? What's the cost of spare parts?
Product comes with a Premium 1 year warranty, hence we will replace the damaged part for free within the 1st year (due to manufacturers defects). For product damage/breakage due to other reasons and after the 1 year warranty, the cost of the spare parts are within reasonable cost and the cost would not exceed $68.

7. It's said in the website that the warranty doesn't cover the expendable items. Can elaborate which parts are these?
The warranty only doesn’t cover the standard & wide silicone adaptors. The rest of the HyGenie, including the UV-C lamp and its electronics and the main-body is covered under the warranty.

8. If it's not working during warranty period due to manufacturer's defect, is it 1 to 1 replacement?
We provide 1 to 1 replacement within 1 month of purchase. For the subsequent 11 months, we will replace the defective part (due to manufacturer defect).

9. Should I use this HyGenie in an open air environment or can be placed inside the bag while the baby bottle is being sterilized?
Yes, You can place it inside the bag while the bottle is being sterilized.

10. The lab test results diagram shows before and after pics of the bacteria count but doesn’t clearly state whether it's based on 3 mins or 7 mins usage?
According to the lab testing (5 mins test) results, it killed 99.9% of harmful bad germs and bacteria. To ensure a better sanitizing, HyGenie auto-shut off is set at 7 mins.

11. How long will the 2 x ‘AAA’ batteries last?
Depending on the batteries you use, a good brand like Energizer or Duracell will last up to 70 times usage (7 mins per use). Hence if you use HyGenie twice a day, you can use it up to 35 days.

12. Apart from soap and water, can I steam or boil to clean the HyGenie parts?
You should not use hot water, steam or microwave oven to clean any of the HyGenie parts, this will likely damage the product.

  • Warranty

    Product comes with a 1 year premium warranty. Replace any manufacturer's defective parts, at the convenince of your doorstep.

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    Test Reports and Certifications to prove HyGenie's effectiveness in reducing germs and bacteria using UV & Ozone. Clinically Tested.

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